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ATE Plastilube Brake Caliper Anti Squeal Seize 75ml

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ATE Plastilube Brake Caliper Anti Squeal Seize 75ml

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The heavy-duty, long lasting lubricant that prevents screeching disc and drum brakes. ATE Plastilube makes assembling and dismantling brakes child's play. It guarantees excellent processing stability for long lasting lubrication and is ideally suited to ABS systems. ATE Plastilube is a heavy duty lubricant that is not only highly effective with brakes, but can also be used for bearings, chains, gears, seat runners, hinges, sunroof guides and battery terminals. Thanks to its good pH stability, ATE Plastilube is resistant to weak alkalis and acids and is not corrosive. The synthetic thickener of ATE Plastilube is so stable that the lubricant does not ouse out from the interfaces to be lubricated when sudden impacts occur or extreme pressures arise. This lengthens lubricating intervals considerably while at the same time reducing maintenance frequencies. What's more, ATE Plastilube is water-insoluble and enjoys excellent washout-resistance properties. To guarantee the temperature resistance of the lubricant, the material to be lubricated must be cleaned of all soapy lubricants. ATE Plastilube can be easily wiped off with a cloth or piece of fleece. Residues can be removed with a solvent.

ATE Plastilube - The Facts:

  • Metal soap and fatty acid free and therefore non-corrosive.
  • Increased lubrication intervals and reduced maintenance frequencies thanks to excellent fluidity.
  • Water-insoluble and with excellent washout resistance.
  • Versatile; compatible with all metals and most O-ring materials.

Note: Sold in 75ml tubes.

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