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Brembo Max Brake Discs/Rotors - BMW MINI

Brembo Max Brake Discs/Rotors - BMW MINI

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If you are looking for excellent affordable replacement brake discs for your BMW MINI Cooper but would prefer something better than your standard OEM discs/rotors, we at Vecchio Engineering would highly recommend Brembo Max. These will work a treat with any of the pads in our online shop. These new high performance brake discs will guarantee shorter braking distances and provide improved braking performance under all conditions.

Based on its vast experience, Brembo launched “Brembo Max” as an outstanding new brake disc offering even higher performance levels. Brembo is the leader in the technological development and production of high performance braking systems and Europe’s number one producer of brake discs, Brembo can boast in-house design capability that has brought success as an original equipment supplier to leading motor manufactures.

Brembo is also particularly active in racing where it supplies numerous formula 1 teams and has practically no rivals as supplier to teams participating in the world motorcycle and superbike championships. This ongoing effort in the racing sector is behind the development of state of the art products for everyday use. Brembo Max provides improved braking performance under all pressure and speed conditions tested in the laboratory and on the road. It also ensures greater safety in wet road conditions.

Maximum Feedback

Compared to standard discs, the innovative Brembo Max design guarantees better performance thanks to a higher friction coefficient in the initial phases of braking. This means a shorter braking distance and more efficient braking, thanks to faster pedal action and more immediate braking response.

Maximum Safety Under All Conditions

Improvement in fading resistance - certain use conditions – for instance driving down a mountain pass – cause the disc temperature to rise above 800°C, accompanied by combustion of the phenolic resins in the friction material. This determines a dangerous loss of braking efficiency due to gases forming between the pads and the disc braking surfaces. The special groove pattern on Brembo Max discs rapidly expels these gases and optimum braking conditions are quickly restored.

Micro Shave Effect

Thanks to its exclusive groove pattern, Brembo Max ensures that friction material is constantly renewed and so there is no “glazing” of the pad surfaces that can cause a particular dangerous loss of braking efficiency.

Maximum Monitoring Of Wear

One of Brembo Max grooves has been specially designed to permit a direct, rapid check on brake disc wear. When this groove is no longer visible, the recommended minimum thickness level has been reached; an indication that users should replace the worn disc. Even so, the braking system will still continue to function thanks to the remaining grooves. A similar indicator, positioned exactly opposite on the internal disc braking surface, ensures that the disc is perfectly balanced.

Maximum Performance In Wet Conditions

An exclusive design, with grooves projecting outwards, ensures that Brembo Max discs/rotors disperse any water present on the disc surface in a more efficient manner. This means improved performance in the wet and in general, substantially uniform behaviour in all weather conditions.

Maximum Corrosion Resistance

Outstanding technological features, yes, but appearance counts too! With the new Brembo Max discs/rotors, Brembo has catered for users who also place importance on aesthetic considerations. In fact, sections not subject to the braking action are painted, so avoiding “eyesores” caused by corrosion of the brake disc. This will be appreciated by those vehicle users who have alloy wheels. Furthermore Brembo Max discs are given special anti-corrosion treatment. So that brake discs do not need to be cleaned before installation. This clearly offers benefits in terms of costs and time saving. Ideal for MINI Coopers fitted with open alloy wheels.


  • Brembo only manufacture two types of "Brembo Max" discs/rotors for the BMW MINI these are front (276mm x 22mm) & rear (259mm x 10mm) both utilising the standard caliper.
  • Brembo DOES NOT manufacture a "Brembo Max" disc/rotor for BMW MINI’s equipped with the John Cooper Works (JCW) brake kit. The dimensions for these discs are 294mm x 22mm.

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