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ITG Air Filter Oil

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ITG Air Filter Oil

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All foam air filters need to be oiled prior to use to retain the dust within the filter media. This oil, formulated specifically for foam based air filters, works by coating the foam cell walls so that when dust particles pass through it, they hit the oil on the call walls and stick to it. The oil then encompasses the dust particle so that if another dust particle hits the same spot, it too is retained by the oil. If foam air filters are used 'dry' or un-oiled, the dust has nothing to stick to and the smaller particles will be pulled through the filter – potentially damaging your engine over a period of time. ITG will also void any warranty when a filter has been used dry, or has not been maintained according to the instructions. Contrary to popular belief, the oils designed specifically for foam air filters are too viscous to become airborn and migrate onto MAF units. All ITG Profilters, which are preoiled, have the correct amount of oil and will not cause any issues with MAF units. Oils designed for cotton gauze should not be used as they are designed to 'soak' into the cotton and will not stick to the foam as it is non-absorbent. This oil is suitable for all ITG Profilters and induction kits. The official ITG cleaning and oiling instructions can be found here. Once cleaned and re-oiled your filter will be back to tip top condition.

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