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Magnecor Ignition Wires/Leads & NGK Iridium Spark Plugs Upgrade Pack - BMW MINI

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Excl. Tax: £115.83 Incl. Tax: £139.00


Magnecor Ignition Wires/Leads & NGK Iridium Spark Plugs Upgrade Pack - BMW MINI

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Excl. Tax: £115.83 Incl. Tax: £139.00

Magnecor are amongst the finest ignition component manufactures in the world. Vecchio Engineering has collaborated with Magnecor to exclusively produce these wire sets for the petrol Gen 1 BMW Mini variants. Each set is constructed using Magnecor’s superior R-100 Racing 10mm Ignition Cable! This ignition wire set has been designed to be the ultimate for the Mini, period! The design, construction and materials used by Magnecor is what works best for the application in which all Magnecor products are used, regardless of the cost, difficulty of manufacturing. Magnecor’s commitment to quality and attention to detail has seen them become the number one manufacturer in their field. Each ignition wire lead set is meticulously hand assembled in-house at their UK HQ. Thus providing a level of care and service second to none; to support this excellence each Magnecor set is covered by a 10 year guarantee which ensures long lasting reliability and service life.

Magnecor Competition and R-100 (10mm) Ignition Cables are specifically designed and constructed to conduct the maximum output generated by conventional and racing ignition systems to the spark plugs, and to provide full suppression for both EMI (electro magnetic interference) and RFI (radio frequency interference). Magnecor R-100 Ignition Cables will enable output maximisation from the ignition system.

EMI suppression problems are caused by electrical energy picked up by sensors and wires connected to computerized equipment from ignition wires not designed or constructed (despite claims by manufacturers) to suppress EMI. As a result, computers and other electronic devices react to erroneous signals, often causing erratic engine running that may not immediately be associated with EMI emitted from ignition wires.

All serious EMI problems associated with cheap (to manufacture) generic “mag, spiral, heli, monel, pro, chromel, super, energy, twin core” etc. spiral conductor ignition wires (usually mass-marketed with well publicised performance component providers’ name printed on them), and expensive so-called “capacitor” wires with partial grounded metal braiding over the jacket are eliminated by R-100 Ignition Cables. Most of these ignition wires are promoted as having little or no “resistance” if measured with an ohmmeter. However, in reality, none provide adequate, if any, EMI suppression. Independent tests have shown that contrary to the exaggerated claims made by most ignition wires promoters, no spiral conductor ignition wires with low measurable electrical resistance or grounded “capacitor” wires will either boost the ignition coil’s output or adequately suppress EMI on race or street engines. An ignition wire’s ability to conduct the full spark energy required to fire the spark plug gap and provide adequate EMI suppression is solely determined by the design and construction of conductors that are beyond the manufacturing capability of most ignition wire manufacturers. In reality, “low” electrical resistance indicates a design to cut manufacturing costs.

The R-100 Ignition Cable features Magnecor’s exclusive 2.5mm Metallic Inductance Suppressed Conductor that consists of heavy duty stainless steel windings precisely spaced and wound at 200 turns per inch. The conductor is wound to provide an effective magnetic coupling for efficient EMI suppression and a capacitive reserve to help overcome the deficiency of high engine speed ignition coil energy regeneration. The use of a ferrimagnetic base core also provides efficient RFI suppression. The stainless steel conductor windings are exposed without a conductive bonding layer after insulating jacket is stripped away to provide a clean metal-to-metal terminal contact to prevent burnout when using high amperage racing ignition systems.

Magnecor R-100 conductor core substrates also serve as strength members to provide terminated wire assemblies with excellent pull strength. This enables the use of a specially formulated aerospace grade one piece pure silicone rubber insulating jacket with exceptional thermal conductivity and high temperature resistance capabilities. The 10mm diameter R-100 Racing cable as used in this exclusive Vecchio Engineering assembly is recommended for use with ultra high output ignitions such as those fitted to the Mini.

Since both jackets are made entirely of a one compound silicone rubber - heat will dissipate away from any area subjected to the extreme heat that would normally destroy other brand multi-layer “silicone” ignition wires, as well as wires encased in tight fitting fibreglass mesh sleeves (with or without a “silicone” coating) that usually absorb and localize heat from the heat source to cook and destroy any multi-layer ignition wire inside the fibreglass sleeves.

Vecchio Engineering also offers a complete ignition system upgrade with the addition of the MSD Ignition coil pack and NGK Iridium spark plugs.

Magnecor R-100 Wire Lead sets are only available in RED.

Magnecor R100 Race Wires - The Facts:
  • Outside Diameter of Cable: 10mm (R-100)
  • Colour: Red
  • Construction Type: One piece, no cost saving layers used.
  • Insulator Jacket Material: Extreme heat resistant TC-1500-HS high strength aerospace silicone rubber formulated to dissipate heat away from section exposed to high temperatures.
  • Heat Resistance: R-100: 700oF (380oC) service temp. 1,200o F (650oC) short burst 3 minutes.
  • Dielectric Strength: R-100: 80kV at 260oC.
  • Flexibility and Tear Strength: R-100 is extremely strong and flexible.
  • Conductor Size: 2.50 mm in diameter.
  • Conductor Type: Magnecor Metallic Inductance. RFI and EMI Suppressed.
  • Core: Ferromagnetic base.
  • Windings: 79 turns per cm (200 turns per inch).
  • Windings Material: Stainless steel.
  • Resistance: 72 ohm per cm, 2.2K ohm per ft. + 10%.
  • Capacity: R-100: 80 kV, 2kVA.
  • Spark Plug: Silicone 320o C (600o F) - selection of straight, 45o and 90o styles used where applicable – special connector assemblies for some applications.

Magnecor R-100 Wire Lead sets are only available in RED.

Each kit is sold complete with 4 leads individually numbered.

Exclusive to Vecchio Engineering!

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