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Mocal Air to Oil Cooler Kit - BMW MINI Cooper S

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Mocal Air to Oil Cooler Kit - BMW MINI Cooper S

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Excl. Tax: £233.33 Incl. Tax: £280.00

An increase in power output of an engine will most likely cause an increase in oil temperature when it is driven hard, particularly when it is revved beyond the manufactures recommended limit. Oil coolers are designed to remove excess heat from the oil and keep it within a suitable operating temperature.

The secret of the success of the Mocal cooler is their insistence on the highest standards of build quality allied to a rigorous inspection system. In particular the attention paid to the accuracy of the pressing tools to ensure the closest contact of the plates during the "Nocoloc" brazing process ensures their superiority over other offerings. Maximum working pressure on the Mocal range of coolers is 10 bar (150psi) although each cooler is tested to11.5 bar (170psi) this is adequate for all but the most arduous motoring applications. The majority of BMW Mini Coopers that leave the factory rev to about 7000 rpm. At this speed the oil pressure is around a maximum of 5bar, this is well within the build specifications of Mocal air to oil coolers.

The Mocal designed air to oil cooler kit reduces oil temperatures by circulating hot oil though a high-efficiency external Mocal oil to air cooler. To complete the kit a Mocal take off plate is employed which replaces the standard water-to-oil heat exchanger. By adding the Mocal air to oil cooler kit to your Mini Cooper S, the life and quality of the oil are improved. Miles of life are added to high-wear engine components such as piston rings, piston skirts, cam bearings, and rod bearings. Another benefit from the Mocal oil cooler kit is the reduction in overall engine temperatures. This occurs because the engines antifreeze is not used to cool the oil like in the stock unit.

The cooler consists of a variable number of aluminium pressed plates forming oil ways and end tanks, the oil ways contain turbulators which not only break down boundary layer effect in the flow to obtain maximum heat dissipation without undue pressure drop but also because they are brazed to both surfaces of the plates that hold them together under pressure. The oil ways are interspersed with aluminium strip louvered and formed into corrugations to provide air ways. The design is beautifully simple and efficient.

The Mocal oil cooler used in this kit for the BMW Mini Cooper S has a 235mm matrix with 13 rows and BSP threads. The oil hoses are constructed using an Elastomer inner tube, covered by one textile braid reinforcement and another Elastomer outer cover then finally a stainless steel outer braid providing an armoured protective outer layer. The fittings are swaged on (BSP thread). The bore diameter of the hose used in this kit is ½” while the outer diameter is 21mm. The Mocal oil to air cooler kit comes complete with all of the necessary adapters, fittings, and hoses that you will need for installation.

Mocal Air to Oil Cooler Kit Contents:

  • 1 x Mocal 13 row x 235mm matrix oil cooler.
  • 1 x Take off plate.
  • 2 x Stainless steel braided hoses (1/2” bore & 21mm outer diameter).
  • 4 x Universal mounting brackets.
  • 1 x Hose coupler.

BEWARE of other oil cooler kits on the market! Other Mini Cooper oil cooler kits on the market use smaller diameter hoses which restrict oil flow. This can result in higher oil temperatures over the stock oil cooler! A sure way to completely destroy an engine and fast.

NOTE: Mocal oil cooler will not fit Mini Cooper S’s with automatic transmission!

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