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MSD Ignition Coil Pack - BMW MINI

MSD Ignition Coil Pack - BMW MINI

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This upgrade MSD Ignition coil pack is designed to be a simple bolt-on replacement for the original BMW MINI Cooper OEM item. As a direct result of the MSD Ignition coil pack’s improved materials and windings, it is able to deliver a far stronger spark to the BMW MINI Cooper’s four spark plugs. This hotter, high intensity spark will travel through more of the air/fuel mixture in your BMW MINI Cooper’s combustion chamber allowing the intake charge to burn more completely for improved performance and better fuel economy. This in turn will result in a smoother idle, improved mid-range rpm running and no misfires.

The standard BMW MINI Cooper’s OEM coil pack has issues with “corrosion” occurring on the plated steel terminals. If left long enough, this high resistance “corrosion” will find its way onto the other terminal ends and even the ignition leads/wires. The negative effect this has is reduced current to the spark plugs creating a weak spark which results in poor mileage and reduced performance. To resolve this, the MSD Ignition coil pack has brass terminals, which are more costly and better conductors than the OEM plated steel terminal ends. The MSD Ignition coil pack will at least recover the lost performance due to “corrosion” on the standard BMW MINI Cooper’s coil pack.

We recommend upgrading the other ignition components i.e. ignition leads/wires and spark plugs to high performance items with this MSD Ignition coil pack. By changing all these three ignition components you will considerably improve the ignition systems effectiveness to deliver a better spark. We offer a range of performance spark plugs and ignition leads/wires from companies the likes of; MSD Ignition and NGK. The MSD Ignition coil pack is especially good for BMW MINI Cooper’s with various modifications and other performance upgrades.


  • Suitable for all petrol 1st Gen BMW MINI’s.
  • Simple bolt-on installation.
  • Smoother running.
  • Provides a stronger spark.
  • High quality brass terminals.
  • Improved materials and windings.
  • Fasteners included.

MSD Ignition Coil Pack Specifications:

  • Primary Resistance: 0.051 ohms.
  • Secondary Resistance: 12K ohms.
  • Maximum Voltage: 36,000 volts.
  • Inductance: 7 mH.
  • Turns Ratio: 77:1.

Note: Vecchio Engineering provides all the necessary mounting bolts and washers to install the MSD Ignition Coil Pack to your BMW MINI.

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