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Wynn's Cooling System Flush

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Wynn's Cooling System Flush

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Wynn’s has developed a concentrated cooling system flush to thoroughly clean your MINI’s coolant system. It is suitable for both petrol and diesel variants and the acid free formula will not harm any of the cooling systems components; hoses and seals etc... The MINI’s coolant system is known for failing, especially the internal heater matrix which seems to be particularly susceptible to accumulating all sorts of debris and clogging up. The best preventative maintenance that can be done by owners and enthusiasts alike after frequent oil changes is draining the coolant system. We recommend draining the MINI’s coolant system at least once a year. For those that haven’t undertaken a coolant change in a long while or have had their coolant system repaired; using Wynn's Cooling System Flush and following the manufactures directions will help remove any scale, rust or oily residues that maybe limiting the performance of your cooling system.


  • Powerful acid free radiator cleaner.
  • Removes scale. 
  • Eliminates rust, deposits and oily residues. 
  • Excellent performance in all types of cooling liquid, including OAT coolant. 
  • Keeps dirt and particulates in suspension whilst cleaning. 
  • Safe for rubber hoses, seals and all metals in the cooling system. 
  • Extremely effective in all closed-circuit cooling systems. 
  • Restores the optimal operation of the controls within the cooling system.

Note: Sold in 325ml cans.

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